The Basics of Having an Aquarium: What You Need to Know

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Keeping an aquarium filled with fish is a pleasant and relaxing hobby for many people. A home aquarium is something you can enjoy as part of your home and not have to worry about too much maintenance or other difficult responsibilities. Keeping an aquarium also has benefits in terms of research and understanding the behavior of fish. There are several things you need to consider before starting to keep an aquarium at home.

How to Choose an Aquarium

The first decision you will make when setting up an aquarium is what to put in it. The type of fish, plants, and other accessories you choose will determine the size and type of aquarium you need. You should be aware of the space you have available, the amount of maintenance and feeding the fish will require, and the cost of maintaining the aquarium. The most common types of aquariums include: – Glass Aquariums – These are the most traditional type of aquarium; they are usually made of glass or acrylic. They are easy to clean and maintain, but heavy and difficult to move around. – Plastic Aquariums – These are a good choice if you have small children or if you need to move the aquarium around regularly. They are usually lighter than glass aquariums, but the light transmission is much less. – Fish Tanks – These are usually smaller than standard aquariums and may be made from acrylic or plastic. They are easy to maintain and cheap, but do not give the same visual effect as a standard aquarium.

Lighting for an Aquarium

The first thing you need to know about keeping an aquarium is how to light it. The lighting is important for both looking after the fish and making them look good. The light also helps in algae control, which is why many aquariums have UV lighting. There are two main types of aquarium lighting: – T5 Fluorescent Lighting – This is popular in aquariums with plants because it helps to maintain healthy plant growth. You can also use this type of aquarium lighting during the night. – T8 Fluorescent Lighting – This is the most common aquarium lighting; it provides strong, white light and is easy to install.

Decorations for Your Aquarium

The type of fish you keep will determine the type of decorations you put in the aquarium. For example, if you keep fish that swim at the bottom of the aquarium, you don’t need any decorations at all. If you keep tropical fish, you can use plants and stones to make the aquarium look nice. It is important to make sure the decorations are safe for the fish. For example, some decorations are made from materials that are toxic to fish. Additionally, if you have an aquarium with lots of decorations, the fish may get tangled in them.

The Importance of Water Quality

The most important aspect of keeping a healthy aquarium is maintaining water quality. You need to make sure that the water is clean and safe for your fish. Water quality is closely linked to filtration; an aquarium filter is a must-have for any aquarium. There are many different aquarium filters available on the market. The most common are: – Internal aquarium filters – These aquarium filters can be a part of the aquarium set up. An internal aquarium filter is a great option if you have a small aquarium since they are usually cheaper than external aquarium filters. – External aquarium filters – These filters are easy to install and maintain. They are great for large aquariums so you can connect a few of them together to provide more filtration.

A Few Words About Having a Filter

Aquarium filters come in many shapes and forms. They are an important part of having a healthy aquarium because they help to remove impurities like chemicals, heavy metals, and other toxins that could harm your fish. If you have an aquarium with fish that require clean water, like goldfish or tropical fish, you need to have a filter at all times. There are several types of aquarium filters: – Under-gravel filters – These aquarium filters are widely used; they are cheap and easy to maintain. In this filter, gravel is placed at the bottom of the tank and water goes through it before it returns to the tank; this type of filter helps to remove harmful elements from the water. – Sponge Filters – These aquarium filters are easy to use and maintain; for them, you need a glass aquarium bowl and a piece of sponge. They are not as efficient as other types of filters, but they are great for small aquariums. – Canister Filters – These are the most powerful type of aquarium filters; they are easy to maintain and often come with a lift system for easy cleaning. With this filter, the water goes through a tank before it goes back to the aquarium.

The Advantages of Owning Fish in an Aquarium

The most obvious advantage of keeping fish in an aquarium is that they make a nice decoration. You can also use fish to create a soothing sound that helps you to relax. Some people keep fish as therapy animals. Fish can be very pleasant to watch, and they are great for children to watch as they learn about aquatic life. Keeping fish in your home can also be beneficial for research. You can observe their behavior and learn more about them. If you have young children, keeping fish in an aquarium is a great way to start learning about aquatic life.

Types of Fish You Can Keep in a Tank and Which Ones to Avoid

There are many types of fish you can keep in an aquarium. The size, shape, and swimming behavior of the fish will determine the aquarium you need. Small fish like goldfish or guppies need a larger aquarium whereas tropical fish can be kept in a smaller aquarium. There are some fish that are better avoided in an aquarium, such as tropical fish that need warm water. Other types of fish can be harmful for your fish, so it is important to research the fish you want to keep. There are also certain fish that are more suitable for tanks. For example, you can keep goldfish in a tank but you need a larger tank if you want to keep koi fish.


Keeping an aquarium is a pleasant and relaxing hobby. You can enjoy the view of aquatic life and have a nice decoration in your home at the same time. It can be a good activity for families as it allows people to learn and observe aquatic life. It is important to know what you need to keep a healthy aquarium and which fish are best to keep.

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